Networking and a Little Music

We started a major home renovation a few months ago (right before lock-down).
It’s been planned for at least 5 years, so it’s exciting to finally be
happening. My wife is writing about the remodeling adventure on her new blog. The renovation has allowed me to scratch my tinkering itch as I look for home automation
opportunities. For now, I’m looking primarily at audio and network management.

We have multiple connected devices, and wireless coverage has been an issue.
I can only assume it will be worse when the kids are older. I’d like to get
full wireless coverage in the house while also having security and privacy
related features. I’m leaning towards a Ubiquiti Unifi router, switch, and access point.
I’m currently narrowed down to a UDM-Pro for a router, and a Gen2 PoE switch.

The UDM-Pro is an interesting network appliance. It’s an all-in-one that integrates
multiple controllers for both network security with physical security. The PoE
switch is for powering the Access Points and other networked devices. I need to
do some additional research on which combination of Access Point’s make the
most sense for wireless coverage. Down the road I’ll investigate leveraging
Home Assistant to connect some of the various devices that make sense to

For audio, I’m looking at solutions that involve Sonos. I wasn’t too happy
when they announced their end of life for my amp and connect. However, I’m over it after
their course correction via a commitment to continuing support for legacy
device music. The discount being offered for obsolete devices doesn’t hurt
either. I’ll most likely be getting an Arc and architectural ceiling speakers
powered by a NAD CI 980. They will be multi-room zoned with Sonos Ports and
Amps. The NAD amp is to properly power the ceiling speakers, and the Sonos Amp
is to provide Trueplay in the 5.1.2 setup.

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