George Floyd

I’ve been working on a few articles for this blog, but I’ve run into a lack of desire to finish any of them. My initial intention for this blog was to focus purely on business. Years ago, I had a desire to share my thoughts, and maybe share some interesting discussion. Life took some ups and downs, and it laid dormant.

I restarted this blog shortly after my wife lost her job. I’m inspired by her for many reasons, but this time it was when she starts a business for herself.  So now I write about my loss for words. For multiple days we’ve watched protests take place across our country over the murder of George Floyd. It was a tipping point amongst tipping points. It wasn’t the first time in the news of yet another innocent’s death. But we are battling a pandemic, and perhaps people can’t be pushed any further.

Earlier this week my city, Birmingham, Ala., took down a racist monument to white supremacy. It’s been something that the city has been battling the state against since 2017. It went down on June 1, 2020 because a $25,000 fine was worth saving the city from tearing itself apart. A few days later we took our children to their first activist event. Every day after we will ensure our children understand how every human is equal and deserves the same chance of success as they do.

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