Networking and a Little Music

We started a major home renovation a few months ago (right before lock-down).
It’s been planned for at least 5 years, so it’s exciting to finally be
happening. My wife is writing about the remodeling adventure on her new blog. The renovation has allowed me to scratch my tinkering itch as I look for home automation
opportunities. For now, I’m looking primarily at audio and network management.

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Collaboration Software and the “New Normal”

We saw enterprise collaboration software through a pre-Covid-19 world as an enabler to remotely create our best ideas and refine them together. This was something many organizations were moving toward during their digital transformation journey. Some reasons for investing in collaboration software were due to having distributed team or workforce, or perhaps the need to leverage share with external partners. Now it’s a necessity, because life got weird and many more of us are no longer co-located. This is going to have a broader chain reaction to the way we work, and economic impact to businesses depending on the physical

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IoT: Bringing Big Data to Manufacturing

Creating a competitive advantage is hard work. It sometimes feels like all the innovations have already hit the market and the margin between you and the competition is growing narrower. The modern marketplace requires vast amounts of information to be collected and analyzed beyond what engineers and marketers can eyeball. And from that, the advantage we seek is a single key insight culled from a big haystack of data. Welcome to the manufacturing Digital Transformation journey

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How to Keep Getting Things Done (GTD)

Our phones are constantly buzzing with work emails, social updates, and instant messaging. Wearable technology will multiply this tenfold. We are inundated with a nonstop stream of information that requires decision-making. It’s a wonder anyone can sleep with the constant buzz in our heads. With all this clutter, it’s easy to feel that we are constantly  forgetting something important. One way to manage this is a system called Getting Things Done (GTD).

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Navigating PDM vs PLM

Acronyms are prevalent in the technology sector, and they can cause some confusion. This is one reason Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are used interchangeably. While they are both systems for storing information, the differentiator is what type of information. Let’s break down what each solution provides and how they compare to each other.

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Quality is more than a department

When I speak with many of my clients, especially in the SMB space, I find that the majority have quality departments that are  focused on corrective actions and nonconformence. I think there is a better way. We should look for opportunities to integrate quality with the entire product development process. Frequently metrics used to manage a product development project focus on the end, or the post-development process. This nudges employees to place emphasis on the end result, therefore rushing through the journey and lowering overall quality. This creates a negative feedback loop that generates more corrective actions and nonconformance write ups.

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